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Find Your Passion - Serving At LCBC

Serving others is an incredible way to show the love of Jesus to others and to put our individual gifts and talents to great use. But what if you know you want to serve, but you’re not sure where to start? We’ve found the best way to find a place to serve in the Church is to find out what you’re passionate about and fill a role that also fulfills what you love! That’s why we created the Find Your Passion Serve Card.

Using the card above, identify what gives you life in terms of serving others, whether it’s in person at a location or digitally online. You can have multiple passions ranging from hosting a Group of 7th Graders online to saying hello to people as they enter one of our locations! Below are just some opportunities you might be interested in jumping into after exploring the options on the Find Your Passion card.

Greeter (In-Person At A Location)

If you’ve been told you have a great smile (even behind a mask!) and you love making people feel seen and welcome, serving as a Greeter could be a great opportunity for you! Greeters are sometimes the very first touchpoint that someone has with our church—we want to make every person who walks through our doors feel needed and known, and Greeters accomplish this by being open, inviting, and friendly. If you’d like to serve as a Greeter, when filling out the Serve Form, for Area of Interest choose Guest Experience.

Database or Office Entry (Online)

Are you tech-savvy and motivated by a good to-do list? We need people just like you to give us a boost mid-week when it comes to database entry and office work for our locations! Spend time in the comfort of your own home entering data for attendance, communication, and more as you help to keep us connected as a church. If you’d like to serve in Database or Office Entry, when filling out the Serve Form, for Area of Interest choose Mid-Week Support.

Ushering (In-Person At A Location)

We’re always looking for friendly and high energy individuals to be a part of our Usher Team during gatherings at our locations! If you’ve got an eye for clear direction and getting people where they need to go quickly and safely, you’re a great fit for an Usher. We couldn’t get our gatherings rolling without your help! If you’d like to serve as an Usher, when filling out the Serve Form, for Area of Interest choose Guest Experience.

Church Online or Social Media Volunteer (Online)

If you’re familiar with the terms DM, post engagement, and post scheduling and you’re passionate about fostering positive online communities, we are looking for you! You’d be the perfect fit for our Church Online or Social Media Serve Team. Use your gifts and talents in the digital world to connect with people down the street and around the world through our LCBC Church Online and social media channels. If you’d like to serve on Church Online or as a Social Media Volunteer, when filling out the Serve Form, for Area of Interest choose Media Team.

Group Leader (In-Person or Online)

Whether it’s a group of adults, kids, or students, if you’re looking to use your influence to bring people together and have deep and meaningful conversations around faith, life stage, or even hobbies, odds are you’d make a great Group Leader! Groups are an important connection point for our people, especially in this season, and we’re always looking for people who are willing to step up and lead a Group, even if it’s just for a semester (6-8 weeks)! Check out what our Groups can look like by exploring on our Group Finder and think about what it would look like for you to lead one. If you’d like to serve as Group Leader, when filling out the Serve Form, for Area of Interest choose Next Steps.

We know that we’re at our best when we’re serving and loving others like Jesus. If one of these opportunities sounds like a passion of yours, or even if you just found yourself thinking, “Hm, I could do that,” we’d love to talk with you more about what it could look like to serve with your LCBC location in-person or online.

Fill out this form to start the conversation - there’s no commitment in reaching out, we promise!

Fill out the form by:

  1. Filling out your contact information
  2. Selecting the location you normally attend (even if you’re joining us for Church Online this season—if you normally have an in-person location, select that location!)
  3. Selecting your Area of Interest (find Areas of Interest above for those specific opportunities, and if you’re still not sure, select the closest option and describe in more details in the comment section how you’re looking to serve)
  4. Leave any additional details in the comments—including what passions you “checked” on the Find Your Passion Serve Card

We can’t wait to connect with you!

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