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4 Ways to Keep Your Church Online Experience Engaging Each Week

Church Online is an incredible opportunity to experience church from wherever you are - and so many of you have joined LCBC as a part of our online community, whether it’s once in a while when you can’t make it in-person or Church Online is your LCBC location! No matter how you utilize Church Online, sometimes attending church from your living room can start to feel stale. Here are a few ways to stay engaged when attending Church Online:

1. Change Up How You Do Church

    This one can be as simple as taking your TV, laptop, or tablet outside, or into a new room than where you normally watch Church Online. Try catching a gathering at a different time of the day, or having a meal before, after, or during. Maybe engage in worship differently by standing up and singing or dancing, or taking notes during the message. Regardless of how you choose to switch up your routine, let it break you out of your ordinary cycle and give you a fresh outlook on Church Online.

    2. Involve the Whole Family

      Did you know that Church Online isn’t just for adults? We have kidVenture Island environments for your kids ages 2 through Grade 4 and LCBC Student Ministry environments for students in Grades 5-12! These environments are tailored specifically for your children to connect with other kids and students and learn about Jesus on their level. Doing church together while everyone learns at their own level is a great way to stay engaged online.

      3. Go Beyond the Weekend

      Church isn’t just a weekend activity - there are LCBC events and opportunities that you can be a part of, whether you travel to one of our physical locations or host your own event right where you are. Be sure to subscribe to receive weekly Need to Know emails and monthly updates from Pastor David Ashcraft and follow us on social media @LCBCchurch to be informed on everything happening around church - like Outdoor Acoustic Worship Nights, Wildfire and Fall Retreat camps for students, how you can serve at LCBC, and more!

      4. Don’t Do Church (Or Life) Alone

        We weren’t made to do life alone - whether you attend church online or at a location, there are Groups available based on hobbies, interests, life stage, and more that you can join to find common ground, have deep discussions, or to just go through life with a group of people to rely on and laugh alongside. You can even start your own Group right where you are - grab friends and neighbors and invite them to watch church with you and plan to get together a certain night of the week after the fact. Use our Group Finder on LCBCchurch.com to find a Group and get started!

        When we tend to follow the same routine over and over again, it’s easy to check out and feel less engaged, and the same is true when it comes to Church Online. Try one of the ways above to shake up how you do church and stay engaged each week as your worship and learn at LCBC.

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